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We offer different types of services, support and programs, together with organizations that want to contribute to change, think in new ways and broaden their perspectives.

Our Services


Tailor-made programs

The Yes Way has extensive experience in developing different types of programs.  Read  here more about our practical and process-based programs developed with a focus on the innovation and business promotion system. We tailor different types of programs based on needs.


Support and Coaching 

The Yes Way's experienced coaches and advisors support you in your work going forward. It is about individual support in a leadership journey,  to get help with special efforts or processes your business is facing. 


Method and tool development 

We develop useful and practical, concrete methods and tools that you can use, test and or further develop in your business. 


Project and process management

We support your organization in your  change work. The Yes Way contributes expertise when you carry out activities, projects or initiatives when your business needs external support and new perspectives.


Gender equality integration 

We help your organization to integrate gender equality and inclusion aspects into projects, programs, educations and innovation processes. 


Education and knowledge

We offer a solid range of training and workshops for organizations, management groups or small groups. They are tailored and adapted as needed. 

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A selection of organizations we have worked with

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