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- for innovation actors in equality, diversity and inclusion ​

the yes way alumni

Since the start in 2018, we have developed tools and working methods to better attract and support entrepreneurs and innovators that today's innovation support system is having difficulties reaching, with particular focus on women and non-binary people.


For a long time, innovation has primarily been associated with male-dominated industries and male-symbolized technology, despite the fact that innovation occurs in all sectors and parts of society and comes in a variety of forms.

As the sustainable solutions of the future are developed by different people with a variety of driving forces, new forms of support and methods are needed to suit more kinds of ideas, solutions, services and products.


We are many who want to strengthen and broaden the innovative power of our country and most of us understand the value of working for gender equality and inclusion in innovation-promoting activities. But many are wondering how to proceed in concrete terms. The Yes Way's efforts and methods show how you can work in your particular organisation.

Through collaboration in The Yes Way Alumni, we continue to create change.

After 5 years, The Yes Way Alumni is now launched
-a national network for continued development going forward!

What the program offers:

Developed knowledge and awareness about gender equality and inclusion

A way to contribute to an equal and inclusive innovation promotion

Inspiration and ideas for activities and events

Concrete and practical examples and ways of working

Help and support in your work going forward

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The Yes Way Alumni offers two different membership levels.


Level 1 is free of charge and open to all organizations that participated in The Yes Way.


At level 2, we offer a comprehensive method and knowledge platform, experience exchanges and much more at an additional cost.


The Yes Way Alumni is based on the fact that the members are invoiced once a year in connection with the renewal of the membership. The fee is used to replace license fees for digital knowledge and method materials, process managers, invited lecturers, and other costs. 

Since starting in 2018, The Yes Way has:
  • Developed a method and knowledge bank with over 70 digital training modules and method materials for further implementation of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

  • Over 25 innovation and business-promoting organizations in the Nordics have undergone and taken part in The Yes Way's development program and processes. 

  • About 150 small and medium-sized companies have taken part in The Yes Way's knowledge and method material. 

  • The Yes Way has reached over 100 business developers in various industries across the country through our activities and efforts. 

  • We have contributed with development efforts to over 40 different companies and innovation-promoting actors all over the country - and in the Nordics!

  • 3 national development programs have been implemented. 

  • Participated and contributed to the work in more than 10 different innovation and development projects that all work for sustainable development. 

  • Developed a digital education and development program for entrepreneurs and business owners with a focus on social sustainability.



Welcome to The Yes Way Alumni

Contact person: Melina Bergström


"We see an increased demand to use equality, inclusion and diversity to create conditions for developing profitable and innovative companies. The Yes Way has given us the conditions to succeed"

- Psecond Johannesson, tolder program participants and CEO at HighFive in Halland

Forward together!

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