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Do you want to be part of a proven process of change for gender equality and inclusion in innovation-promoting environments and businesses? Do you want to receive support to increase the proportion of women and non-binary in your business? The first step starts here. By signing The Yes Way’s Declaration 18 you participate in our work to influence a systemic change in the innovation system.

Step 1

Read and commit to Declaration 18

Step 2

Read and commit to The Yes Way values

Step 3

Agree within your organisaton that you wish to begin the work

Step 4

Sign and receive support from The Yes Way

Step 5

Begin the work

for equality

Join The Yes Way by signing Declaration 18 and our values here:

Sign and receive support from The Yes Way

Please note that by signing up, you also undertake to begin to work practical and this will be followed up and evaluated over time.


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Get started with the yes way by downloading material.

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